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Biography | Artist Statement

Michelle Elizabeth is first generation American from Nicaragua, born and raised in Miami, FL. Growing up, she always had a strong interest in clothing and film, and as her personality developed, that grew. Michelle, later graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Arts. With a hunger to grow in her career, and aspirations to work with other materials, she made armor out of Eva Foam. Wanting to learn more about durability and design, she then went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to educate herself on how to weld and sheet metal bend. From that moment, her passion to work with metal, for Costume Design solidified. She is currently working on a metal inspired collection to rent or buy as custom designs for her clients. In the meantime, also working on other projects involving costume/wardrobe and hair/makeup. Michelle believes in the continuation to develop ones craft and evolve, allowing us to grow not only as artists, but as individuals. Michelle is determined to make her work stand out; by making her designs unique, versatile, and functional.


Costume Design & 

Wardrobe Styling 

For film, television, theatrical plays, personal projects, etc. Hand made designs, as well pulling clothing for wardrobe styling.


Constructing armor and other metal designs. Manufactured by welding and sheet metal bending. The metal used is Aluminum 1100 and 3003 Alloy, which is light weight and easy to wear.  

Hair & Makeup

Beauty, bridal, photoshoots, and video shoots. Basic special effects, such as blood and bruising. 

Pricing varies on the project, labor, and its duration.

Working Behind the Scenes

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